Meeting #4 Charleston Murders – June 21, 2015

On Wednesday night in Charleston, a young white man sat in a church amongst black congregants for over an hour before yelling hateful words and shooting nine people dead. This is a lot to unpack. How will we respond?

Willing Participant whips up urgent poetic responses to crazy shit that happens. Join us this Sunday, June 21st from 2pm to 4pm at The Flea Theater, 41 White Street in Manhattan. Ringleaders Todd Shalom, Niegel Smith & Ben Weber will direct the group in creating a response to be performed in public at a later date.

Please RSVP at so we know how many chairs we’ll need. And if you can’t attend the meeting, you can always join us for the response–we’ll email after the meeting with the details.

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Thanks to our Willing Participants: Kelcie Miles, Liz Eckert, Carly Hoogendyk, Yonit Friedman, Sanaz Ghajarrahimi, Ricardo Perez Gonzalez, Mariana Vily, Sean Devare, Alec Duffy, Rebeca Rad, Donaldo Prescod, Michael Padden, Elijah Trichon, Zell Williams, Justin Ahdoot, Erin Daley, Aynsley Vandenbroucke, Duke Albada, Emily Cordes, Alesandra Nahodil, Emily Alexander, Jeorge Watson, Judith Aidoo, Kelly Higgins, Leroy Graham, Elise Ston, Craig Smith, Jordan Carey, Evan Smith, Kristin Friedlander, Kaili Turner, Alex Randrup, Nara Garber, MC Hyland, Josseline Engeler, and Daniel Shieh