Response #2: For Trayvon – July 23, 2013

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Willing Participant whips up urgent poetic responses to crazy shit that happens. On the night of Wednesday, July 17, about 20 participants met with us to consider the death of Trayvon Martin. From that meeting, we decided to create a response inviting the public to show greater respect for the lives of young black men.

So, on Tuesday July 23rd at 10:15pm in Times Square a group of 30 participants joined together in making a 30 minute, slow-moving sculpture by morphing our bodies into various versions of the hoodied self.

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Thanks to our Willing Participants: Jocelyn Bioh, Danielle Davenport, Nicolette Dixon, Shannon Eaves, Chanelle Elaine, Teresa Eyring, Davey Field, Yohanna Florentino, Melanie Gerald, Birgit Huppuch, Katie Jacobs, Tiffany Jewel. Cookie Jordan, Leo Klim, George Maracineanu, Andrea-Rachel Parker, Caroline Podraza, Soroya Pognon, Barbara Rogers, Anahita Sarabhai, Riti Sachdeva, August Schulenburg, Todd Shalom, Yona Silverman, Niegel Smith, Channie Waites, Pernell Walker, Ben Weber, Sasha Weiss, & Michael Wilson.